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5:2 Diet Complete Meal Planner

3.01 usd

The 5:2 Complete Meal Planner has everything you need to lose weight on the 5:2 diet. Eat under 500 calories a day two days a week, eat normally the rest of the time and still lose around 1.5lb a week.App features include:• OVER 100 recipes for 5:2 diet fast days from family-friendly dinners, to easy SINGLE SERVING recipes, and ON THE GO LUNCHES. Plus snack lists, calorie counts and tips for getting the best out of the diet.• Quick and tasty low fat weight-loss recipes that are easy and delicious, to fit around your lifestyle - including:- Breakfast under 100 calories- Lunch under 150 - Dinner under 250• Packed with delicious meals to see you through those Autumn and Winter fasting daysALL specially selected by the food and diet experts at WOMAN magazine.PLUS:- Low calorie snack ideas to help you with your 5:2 diet plan and keep you slim- Sneaky secrets to making your meals go further and feeling fuller for longer- Email yourself shopping lists for every recipe- Calorie count lists and low-carb recommendations so you can adapt meal ideas to suit you- Easy measurement guide with recipes in metric and imperial measures- NEW In-app purchase options! Two premium recipe collections now available to download for just 99p more, including 20 comfort food meals to see you through winter, and 20 light and tasty recipe ideas to help you prepare for summer.